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Make Your Own Commands In AutoCAD

In AutoCAD Tips, command alias, macro, pgp by Mark

While nearly all AutoCAD functions are easily accessible by mouse, a lot of people prefer using keyboard commands as they find them quicker. Unfortunately most keyboard commands are quite long and / or not that memorable. You can however create shortcuts for commands like AS for Add Selected, SS for Select Similar or any other command you use frequently. We …

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Autodesk Software shortcuts lists

In AutoCAD Tips, Inventor, Revit Tips by Mark

I always love using keyboard shortcuts. Since the first time I use Windows, I always learn how to use shortcuts on my software. It saves a lot of time. There are common shortcut keys like ctrl+P to print your file. It works on all Windows software. But there are also specific shortcut keys that you can only use in your CAD …

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Change layer when using AutoCAD command with Macro

In AutoCAD Tips by Mark

AutoCAD layer is a great feature to manage objects in your drawings. What we don’t like about it is we often need to change layer before we draw. For example when we want to draw dimensions, we need to change the layer to dimension layer. Then change the layer again when we need to draw other objects. You can create a …

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Working with AutoCAD Layer Group Filter

In AutoCAD Tips, layer, layer filter by Mark

An AutoCAD drawing can have so many layers. Especially if you follow a standard. Each discipline can have their own layers. You can easily have hundreds of layers in your drawing! The challenge will come when you need to work with those layers. Let’s take a simple example: you need to freeze all annotation layers. It may sounds easy, but …

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15 Ways to Access AutoCAD commands

In AutoCAD Tips, Featured, shortcuts by Mark

One common question that I get is how to access AutoCAD command quickly. AutoCAD is a 30 years old software. People already use it before it runs on Windows. It was designed to run on different operating system and different standard interface until today. That’s why there are many methods to access AutoCAD commands. One method may be faster in …