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8 Frequent Issues when installing Autodesk Products

In AutoCAD, Featured, Revit by Mark

Installing a software seems easy these days. Just by clicking next on installation wizard apparently will get the job done. But it’s not always like that. Many times the installation failed. We need to know what is the problem and what is the workaround. If you don’t know what’s the problem, you may not be able to install it even you have tried …

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Selection Highlighting in AutoCAD 2016

In AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Autodesk, Features and Functionality, Selection by Mark

With hardware acceleration turned on in AutoCAD 2016, you can customize the selection effect color by clicking on the Selection Effect Color drop-down list on the Selection tab of the Options dialog box. View this and other drawing and editing enhancements in the demo video. The post Selection Highlighting in AutoCAD 2016 appeared first on AutoCAD Blog. Source: AutoDesk – …

Recreating the AutoCAD Classic Workspace in AutoCAD 2015 & 2016

In AutoCAD, AutoCAD 2015, AutoCAD 2016, AutoCAD Classic, CUI, Customization, Videos, Workspaces by Mark

Despite several improvements to the Ribbon interface over the years, many AutoCAD users still prefer the AutoCAD Classic workspace featuring menus and toolbars.Since introducing the Ribbon interface in AutoCAD 2009, Autodesk has been nice enough to provide a classic interface to aid users transitioning from the old interface. The menu and toolbar-based AutoCAD Classic Workspace was included with the 2009-2014 versions …

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XRef Enhancements in AutoCAD 2016

In AutoCAD, AutoCAD 2016, AutoCAD LT, External References, Features and Functionality, Xref by Mark

In AutoCAD 2016 you can now control the display of layers for objects in xref drawings that were not set to “ByLayer,” for layer property updates in the host drawing. A new system variable, XREFOVERRIDE, enables you to control the display of the xref layers: set XREFOVERRIDE=1, and the xref objects will behave as if their properties were set to …

What’s New in AutoCAD?

In AutoCAD, AutoCAD 2016, AutoCAD LT, Features and Functionality, Preview Guide, Resource by Mark

As the AutoCAD Technical Marketing Manager at Autodesk, one of my responsibilities is to create an AutoCAD Preview Guide describing the new and enhanced features in the latest release of AutoCAD. Each Preview Guide is typically 40-50 pages long but don’t let that deter you from reading them. They include many images to help illustrate the changes to AutoCAD. The Preview Guides …

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Change layer when using AutoCAD command with Macro

In AutoCAD Tips by Mark

AutoCAD layer is a great feature to manage objects in your drawings. What we don’t like about it is we often need to change layer before we draw. For example when we want to draw dimensions, we need to change the layer to dimension layer. Then change the layer again when we need to draw other objects. You can create a …

Establishing Shared Coordinates Between Revit and Civil 3D the Easy Way

In Autodesk Subscription, Civil 3D, Plugin, Revit by Mark

“Model Coordination” in the AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry is most often limited to what’s in Revit. While that ensures a coordinated building model, it leaves the question of what to do about the Civil 3D model unanswered. Revit has a Survey Point, but in my experience only a small percentage of teams spend the time to set everything up. I won’t …

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Working with AutoCAD Layer Group Filter

In AutoCAD Tips, layer, layer filter by Mark

An AutoCAD drawing can have so many layers. Especially if you follow a standard. Each discipline can have their own layers. You can easily have hundreds of layers in your drawing! The challenge will come when you need to work with those layers. Let’s take a simple example: you need to freeze all annotation layers. It may sounds easy, but …