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I always love using keyboard shortcuts. Since the first time I use Windows, I always learn how to use shortcuts on my software. It saves a lot of time.

There are common shortcut keys like ctrl+P to print your file. It works on all Windows software. But there are also specific shortcut keys that you can only use in your CAD software.

keyboard shortcuts

Autodesk released lists of shortcuts for their software. If you haven’t used them, I encourage you to try them now. Of course, if you like to customize your software you might find the shortcuts are slightly different.

These are the shortcuts for Autodesk flagship products:

  1. AutoCAD shortcuts guide
  2. AutoCAD for Mac shortcuts guide
  3. Revit shortcuts guide
  4. Inventor shortcuts guide

The guide is very comprehensive. Grouped into categories so you can find what you need quickly.

AutoCAD keys
Source: AutoCAD One Key Shortcut Guide

There is a printable version for all the shortcuts in PDF format. The link is available in each product page.

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