AutoCAD LT is not just AutoCAD without 3D!

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Many people think that AutoCAD LT is just an AutoCAD without 3D compatibilities. The truth is there are many capabilities are stripped out from AutoCAD, not just 3D capabilities. I see many customers purchase AutoCAD LT and disappointed that there are many other things are missing.

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AutoCAD desktop subscription is US$ 1680 and AutoCAD LT desktop subscription is US$ 360 annually. AutoCAD is 4 times more expensive than AutoCAD LT, it makes AutoCAD LT looks very cheap. Many AutoCAD users don’t use 3D, so it doesn’t make sense if the price is that cheap. Autodesk will lose so much money it it’s the only thing missing.

If you are an AutoCAD user and plan to purchase AutoCAD LT, I strongly suggest you to download and install 30 days trial. Try if it actually works for you.

In short, these are some capabilities missing in AutoCAD LT:

  1. No 3D modeling (we all know this)
  2. No custom programming (incl LISP and API)
  3. No parametric constraints
  4. No Express tools
  5. No data extraction
  6. No Visual Styles (you can’t create sketchy lines and other styles)
  7. You can’t install add-on or plug-ins
  8. No Multi Line

There are more capabilities missing, you can see the comparison between AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT here:

Again, I strongly suggest you to make use of the 30 days trial. You can find a link to download the product at the bottom of the comparison matrix page above.

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