CAD Programming Solutions is in the business of building software tools and helping people get the most out of the tools they already have. While our focus is on AutoCAD tools we also provide desktop and mobile app development in Seattle (as well as anywhere in the US or Canada).

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We want to solve your design and data problems with a solution that makes the most sense for your company. Sometimes the solution involves us providing a custom solution. Sometimes it doesn’t. One client had a perplexing AutoCAD geometry issue that they had been working around for a long time. Eventually they got tired of the extra time and effort needed to work around the issue. They asked us to give them a quote on providing a solution. On investigating I found that AutoCAD already had settings in place that when set to this clients needs solved the issue. A simple text message got them working more efficiently.

Even though CPS didn’t generate any revenue for this solution I still consider it a “win”. We solved the problem with a solution that made the most sense for the client’s company. Our feeling is that when this client needs help with future AutoCAD issues they will consider us a trustworthy resource.

When the solution does involve a custom solution we follow some general steps:

  1. We make sure we fully understand the problem first. This requires knowing the environment, infrastructure, processes, workflows etc. Doing this ensures that today’s solution will not only solve the immediate problem but put you in a position to move forward. Basically we try to avoid a solution that paints you into a corner.
  2. Once we understand the problem and it’s surroundings we simplify the issue as much as possible following the idea that “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” This helps us to focus on an effective solution.
  3. Now we can design a solution. There are too many considerations in designing a solution to enumerate here. We outline a process, create a workflow and define data among other things.
  4. At this point we are finally ready to write a software solution. We design an interface and write code. We test, test and test.

By following these steps we are able to solve your design and data problems with a solution that makes the most sense for your company.

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